What Does Love Have to Do With Golf?

Yesterday somebody asked me why I wrote about golf in my new novel when I’m not a golfer myself.  Great question!  

I consider myself a comic writer.  I think it’s funny when adults get it into their heads to take up a new sport.  It’s even funnier when they discover they have no talent whatsoever for it.

Love on the Linksis about a young woman who knows nothing whatsoever about golf, but has to learn how to play so she can fit into her fiancé’s family.  Since I—just like my main character, Deb—have never played on a real golf course, part of the fun of writing Linkswas to poke fun at the process.  

Although Deb grew up putting at the mini-golf courses that dot the Cape Cod coastline, she not eager to fly down to Florida and speed-learn how to play the 18 holes at the Pelican Isle Resort before her fiancé’s family arrives for Labor Day weekend.   

It’s hard enough to master this tricky sport—but to do it in five days puts a lot of pressure on Deb.  The task gets even more difficult when Deb shows up for her first lesson and finds out her female instructor has gotten the flu.  The substitute is wily golf pro Scotty McCloud—a hard drinker and womanizer who chafes at having to teach a beginner.

Along with Deb—an innocent who has never donned a visor and skort before—I took a lot of pleasure in learning the sometimes-goofy language attached to golf.   And I hoped my readers—golfers and non-golfers—would get a kick out of watching Scotty teach Deb the difference between an iron and a wood, a bunker and a sand trap.  

But as the title suggests, Love on the Linksis also about the electricity that sometimes develops between two people who have very little in common.  Will Deb’s few days out on the course with Scotty derail her relationship with her fiancé Troy?  Read Love on the Links and find out!