On the joys of starting a new contemporary romance series

So I'm at that point where I have to make a hard decision.  I've got two novels on the burner and I need to commit to one or the other.  The answer would be simple if these were single-title contemporary romances.  But my goal is to kick off another series. 

My last trilogy was set on the barrier islands off mainland Sarasota.  Part of me just wants to stay there and do Florida all over again--only this time with dogs.  I swear I can think of a dozen plots of love stories that revolve around noble German shepherds and cute poodles and naughty beagles.  And--while I should be writing--I've been trolling through dog breed books trying to pick out the perfect canine characters, and visiting websites devoted to most popular dog names, and watching dog videos on YouTube.

 The other part of me wants nothing to do with dogs or the beach.  She wants to go to. . . drumroll. . . Vegas!   I'm thinking one story set on the Strip, another set in old Las Vegas, and another set out by Red Rocks.  Sin City really lends itself to fiction, as anything can happen. 

Which way will I go?  I'll know as soon as I finish writing the first chapter of either my Florida or Vegas novel.  But this morning, at least, the sounds of the slot machines are distant.  I hear two dogs barking, calling me back to the beach.    

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